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LOYF is a 501c3 environmental advocacy org. promoting a messaging program, advocacy opportunities, and developing educational modules that are designed to impact the public behavior of littering and keeping beaches, parks, and public places clean by simply reminding people to: “Leave Only Your Footprints®”



LOYF Program

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Elements of the LOYF Program are available FREE to any municipality or organization who wishes to adopt the program signage elements. The LOYF program includes mapping suggestions, arranging instillation parties, and execution of print & social media to get the local community involved. will be offering a selection of educational modules which are scripted to impact students, clubs, and environmental groups of the need to change our perception of litter and need for single use plastics.


LOYF SUPPORTERS is pleased to have supporters who share the value of changing the mindset of littering as a tolerable habit especially on beaches and public spaces.
In turn, we offer a variety of channels for recognition and support.  Sharing through social media & web we offer to share and tag the great companies and charities that support our mission.


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LOYF has been working with Monmouth University and local groups to create engaging educational programs and video segments to impact our youth. From early education through middle school to instil recognition of personal impact and responsibility to your community, the planet and yourself.