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LOYF Program

Leave ONLY Your Footprints is a messaging program that when positioned strategically, will offer a proactive effect in impacting the habits of the general public and locals alike in handling trash and litter

This tactic known as, "subliminal messaging" is an age old tactic of Marketing and has been proven to be effective, and documented by academia peer review studies.


The LOYF Program is offered to any municipality or group for FREE.

We offer the LOYF signage inclusive of these message elements as we strongly

recommend that ALL are employed in your signage positioning.

This way it will be noticed and impactful over time.

The LOYF Inc. would be happy to present this program to any governmental body

or Environmental Groups on any level.

LOYF Decals 

Monmouth Beach.jpg

These decals are the same LOYF imagery as the signs and printed on weather resistant, pressure sensitive white vinyl material die cut to 11" circular size and 5" circular size.  We do recommend to affix these on a clean surface free of salt, sand, or dirt. 

LOYF Signage

The LOYF metal signage is manufactured in the USA using strong heavy gauge .040 aluminum with a weather proof overlay, cut into a 11" circle shape with 2 - 1/4" holes for affixing on any common sign post. 
Each sign may include a custom QR code for any visitor to scan and be redirected to the LOYF website to "Learn More" about the program, your town, and our sponsors.

These signs now come in lighter weight (bendable) .020 aluminum with 4 - holes for affixing to garbage can holders. 

( Hardware is not included. ) 

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 4.27.20 PM.png

LOYF Stencils

The LOYF Stencils are in the same size and shape of the signage above - die cut out of high strength styrene for reuse multiple times and on an annual basis  - Manasquan has used the same stencil for 3 years running.
The stencils may be used on any flat surface walkway or wall. Spray painted or stencil brushed with permanent colors - normally black or white depending on the surface. 



LOYF Small Decals / magnets

These 5" circular LOYF car decal stickers / magnets are effective on municipal vehicles and utility trucks in being part of the LOYF Program.


To obtain a kit (or custom quantity) of these program elements please "contact us" below.

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 4.31.12 PM.png


We offer the LOYF Program to any of our advocates who wish to place the program in their town. The program package offers complete overview of the LOYF program including step by step effort required for a successful program. This goes beyond vigilante placement, or only using one sign element.
This program is great for clubs, environmental classes, local organizations, and municipalities. 

NOTE: To be impactful, we stress that the entire program is employed. Otherwise, it's watered down and will have minimum to no impact. Please see the attached outline.


To obtain a kit (or custom quantity) of these program elements please "contact us" below.

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