LOYF is proud to have the Support of Manasquan Bank


LOYF Inc. Mission Statement:

Leave Only Your Footprints is a 501©3 environmental advocacy organization that promotes and supports a shared vision of litter-free beaches worldwide. We believe progress can best be made through efforts to:

  • Raise awareness of litter’s impact not only on increasingly fragile ecosystems, but                               on the livability of our beach communities, now and in the future;

  • Change the mindset and behavior of beach-goers via education and visible messaging that is frequent, targeted and,

  • Shift the focus toward prevention as opposed to clean-up’s;

  • Actively engage communities, leaders and clean beach advocates for the long term.

  • We offer a range of educational modules and a multi-faceted messaging/signage program free of charge to communities and environmental groups worldwide.

  • Our Board is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced activists who work collaboratively with municipalities, environmental advocacy partners, “dovetail initiatives” and grass roots groups to achieve results one beach at a time.

  • We welcome advocates who share our vision and passion; and we value their ideas and the insight they provide on local issues, challenges and strategies.

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