LOYF invites any ADVOCATES.   Volunteers and friends are good for a club. We are looking for people to take this program and advance it - embrace it - and educate others, employing the simple logic that we only have one planet and as much as sweeping the beach counts for something, we need to address the message.

Impress the next generation of the need to change the habit of littering and
move away from single use plastics while employing better recycling methodologies.


LOYF supports a number of non-profit organizations who share the common interest in preserving and protecting our environment. 

We have coordinated efforts at events, beach sweeps, and on-line to promote programs of these fine non-profits. LOYF does not look to duplicate efforts rather enhance and support like minded organizations to promote societal change.


LOYF is a grass-roots, non-profit organization which raises funds through a variety of channels of events, grants, donations, and philanthropic giving.   


Cecil Lear
Steve Jackson
Joe Grottola

A short list of the towns employing LOYF!

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Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.54.54 PM.png

Our Advocate NETWORK IS growING!

We are proud to list the following towns and cities who have acknowledged the need for addressing littering within their respective towns & beaches. In some cases the LOYF has been extended into parks and community recreation areas.
We offer an over view of their efforts by simply clicking the town logo.  If you believe YOUR TOWN would benefit from this program - we offer a program outline and instructions (and all signage) giving YOU an opportunity to make an impact in your town.


Avon by the Sea

Monmouth Beach

Long Branch

Brick Township

Risden’s, Pt. Pleasant Beach

City of Asbury Park

Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Long Beach, NY

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Where we're going...
Berkeley Township
Long Beach Township, LBI
Red Bank
Poimt Pleasant Beach

Cabarete, Dominican Republic



LOYF Inc. is actively looking for financial supporters of our organization. We have some big plans, a trademarked logo, and are offering the elements of the program for FREE.

It's not magic - it costs money - and we are proud of the following corporations, supporters and groups who support our organization and allow our programs to grow.

SPECIAL THANKS - the families of

Charles "Chip" Bruett

Sara Rosenblatt

Claudia Pincus

for their generous naming of LOYF donations in lieu of flowers.

Their support is greatly appreciated. 

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